Greetings everyone. I’m Patty Woods, the face behind Cavegirl for Life. I’m a woman on a mission to eat clean and spread the joy of what I learn in the kitchen to anyone who wants to embrace their health like it’s their first crush…with so much passion you’re blushing remembering him or her, right?

I honestly believe the only way to live your most energetic, joyful and purpose filled life is to start with the best food for your body. In my case, that’s a keto-paleo approach. Sometimes I dabble in AIP too, but most times that’s accidental. You see, all healing diets have eating real, organic and minimally processed foods at there core, so it’s great when I create recipes that fit multiple therapeutic diets.

I haven’t always been a kitchen rockstar, but I have been cooking since I was 9 years old, and in most circles I’m known as the soup, sauce and sides master. Aside from being a gourmet home chef, I assist small business owners with marketing and financial tasks, something I’ve done for the past 12 years. Before that I was in personal finance for 15 years.

I’m ready to hang up that working for others hat and start building my own good vibe tribe. I figure it’s about time to embrace what I enjoy most now that my two kiddos have left the nest. Since my hubby and I love cooking together, it’s only natural that we share these awesome creations with you. After all, it helped him to lose 40 pounds and me to lose 70, so why the hell wouldn’t we want to help you do the same?

Eating clean didn’t always come naturally for me. Neither did being visible, energetic and outspoken about what I value most, good health.

My back story is nothing out of the ordinary. I grew up eating a traditional carb laden diet in the land of pizza and sausages, Chicago. I lived with two working parents in a middle-class home. I participated in sports and activities from grade-school through college. I was a little pudgy until I hit puberty and my fat repositioned itself strategically. About five years later my recurring issues with weight loss and regain started. I’ve tried to drop weight on and off ever since I was 14 years old. The funny thing is, I was never seriously overweight until I started yo-yo dieting in my late-twenties.

I struggled with losing and gaining the same 70 or more pounds five times over the last 15 years. I was through, done, calling it quits on doing everything right according to doctors, nutritionists, weight loss books, supplement programs, all of it! I was done because anytime in that 15 years that a new diet plan, meal replacement shake, counseling program, exercise routine, any method at all related to weight loss was launched, I was the first in line to buy it, try it, crush it and then eventually toss it to the curb. Why? 

Well, I had this little recurring problem. EVERYTHING I tried stopped working after I’d lose the initial 30 pounds of the extra 80 my body had been carrying around. And, I’m not talking about one of those little baby stalls, like the kind when you flood your fuel injected car by trying to give it a healthy dose of gas before you start it. I’m talking about six to nine months of following the program perfectly that had got me to where I was, and no more of my stubborn weight would budge.

I tried everything short of gastric bypass to battle the ever present weight that was destined to pack itself onto my body. Supplements? Yep. Meal replacements? You bet. Severe caloric restriction? Of course. Extreme workouts? Absolutely. Every diet fad from the Eighties to 2015? Sure. Being open minded to trying anything and everything I could was never my problem, especially since my doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with my battery of lab tests 10 years ago. 

Considering the place I was in, it’s probably a bit more clear why every “diet” method I tried ended up kicked to the curb. If I was destined to be overweight, I might as well eat whatever the hell I wanted because “being good” got me nowhere but back to where I started.

So there I was, out of answers, out of handy advice and out of reasons why my weight, which I so desperately yearned to return to it’s healthy range for the past 15 years, would not cooperate. I had tackled and overturned every bit of fad and conventional advice I could, except one that had crept into my sight again…keto-paleo. 

Two years ago, this torturous up and down pattern on the scale stopped when I finally found my keto-paleo mentor. I quickly shed the weight by healing my gut and getting my body the nutrients it had become so deficient in before eating the way she prescribed in her groundbreaking whole foods program.

Man, I can’t even tell you how glad I was that I didn’t give up. I finally found something that worked for me, long past my usual plateau. I lost 70 pounds almost effortlessly in just six months time. More importantly, I sustained this loss for two years, and never felt deprived. In fact I had far more energy and focus than I ever had and my only true regret was not eating this way much sooner.

But, just like everything else in life, sometimes you have to wait until you’re ready to embrace ideas that seem so radically different from the usual ones found in the health and weight loss community. Sometimes you just need to hit your absolute bottom and find the right person at the right time to guide you with what you need. I needed intensive competent advice about an effective way of eating to heal my metabolically wrecked body, and I wanted to do it with whole food. That’s what I found, and that’s what I embraced.

What I’m discovering now are other physiological and psychological roadblocks that I’m patiently working through. Let’s just say this blog, my eBooks and courses will all tackle my unique struggles with weight, health and self-love. As I divide and conquer on my quest to feeling my best, I’ll be sure to share my strategies with you. It’s in my DNA to help however I can. I’ve been called on this journey for a reason so I might as well keep at it until I find the answers, right?

I’m glad you joined me. If you’re ready to join my good vibe tribe, I’m here to listen. Reach out to me at patty@cavegirlforlife.com or come find me on FacebookPinterestInstagram or Twitter. I’m usually just a mouse click or screen tap away.

Until then, wishing you health, love and happiness!